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Array is a collective book of local photographers and writers. For each issue, multiple contributors are given one word as the theme. With a combination of multiple different interpretations of those two themes, Array hopes to explore the relationship between subjects and the act of photography.

Array is funded through book sales of past issues, and crowd sourcing/design service trades by Rachel Bagan of Play Grnd.  The publication aims to eventually be fully self supporting through book sales, making it a true publication in which artists support other artists.

Array is organized and designed by Play Grnd, a firm established by Rachel Bagan and U. Alexander Lopez. Producing the book in house, from the selection of photographers to supervising its printing process, we look forward to seeing where Array takes our team and its contributors in the future.

Array is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I started this book as a way to create something beautiful and connect with other creatives carving out a career for themselves.  I spent a lot of late nights moonlighting as a graphic designer for about 5 years while working in various architecture firms prior to starting Play Grnd.  In 2017 I left my full time job as an architectural designer to commit fully to graphic design and start my company: Play Grnd.  Array became my first project under Play Grnd and grew from a small side project into a larger publication that not only gives me an opportunity to design and create, but help showcase other creatives who are working to pursue their dream! 

Array gives a voice to photographers and creates a unique platform to showcase different perspectives and viewpoints within each issue.  I wanted the publication to be something that benefited all involved without being a "pay to play" model or requiring a certain "following/level of fame" to participate.  We have been very lucky to fund the first two books by a combination of crowdfunding and service trades.  The goal is that we will eventually be fully funded by book sales, so that the project truly becomes artists supporting artists.


Rachel Bagan

founder of Array

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