How do I get involved in a future issue of Array?
If you are an artist looking to participate in a future issue of array please fill out our submission form found HERE
What are the requirements to participate in a future issue of Array?
We keep our submission process very loose, the goal of the book is to showcase local CA based photographers & writers who are passionate about what they do.  The only requirement is to fill out our submissions tab and have a current portfolio of work ready to send to us!  We make our selections based on the style of the issue and whether the work fits well within the themes of the issue.
Is there a fee required to submit/participate in a future issue of Array?
Nope!  Array is fully funded through past issue sales, Kickstarter campaigns, and donations made by the creators of the book.  The whole point of Array is to give a voice to local artists without requiring payment to participate.
How often are new issues released?
We are currently releasing new Array issues annually (1 issue per year).  We hope to transition to bi-annual as the publication grows and funding becomes more stable.
Where can I buy a copy of Array?
Right here at our online shop!  If you would prefer a brick and mortar shop you can check out our stockists page to see current stores carrying Array.
I am a shop owner interested in carrying Array in my shop, how do I go about that?
Amazing!  We love to have our book in local shops!  If you are interested in carrying Array in your store please contact us at rachel@playspacegrnd.com for next steps.
How do I become a sponsor of the book?
We are currently open to new sponsorship partnerships with like minded brands who support local artists and preserving the integrity of unique view points.  If you are interested in sponsoring us or partnering your brand with Array please fill out this FORM.
Whose behind Array Photo Journal?
Array originally started off a passion project of Rachel Lopez-Bagan of Play Grnd Design and continues to grow!  Our team now includes Rachel Lopez-Bagan, U. Alexander Lopez-Bagan, Khalid Farquharson, Jordan Ox Tucker, Shane Reiner-Roth, and Rich Browers.  To view the team behind the project and learn a bit about the book and how it all started check out our about page
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